ICT301 Information Technology Project 1


B IT                             Core

The subject is designed for final year students. It provides an opportunity to complete an information technology project related to each student’s professional interests, and includes the necessary preparation for the project. Student will be asked to participate in project work including peer reviews. The main features of the subject are: Group-based project; learning collaboration, reflection, self-regulation methods through learning by doing; learning important steps that are used in projects in large organisations; role development in projects; and developing different project artefacts (e.g. requirements, design, prototypes) and activities (e.g., documenting, testing, implementing, reviewing). Students are required to apply, synthesize and demonstrate the skills that they have developed in earlier information technology subjects. Students work in groups guided by an academic supervisor or industry mentor. Students are required to develop an integrated solution with a technical specification to real-world system requirements. The activities involve requirements capture, analysis and design, coding, and testing. Suitable projects are sourced from external organisations or within KOI.


ICT104 Program Design and Development
ICT272 Web Design and Development, plus 40 credit points