ECO100 Introduction to Economics


B BUS (Accg) Core
B BUS (MGT and FIN) Core
Dip Accg Core
Dip Mgt Core

This subject is an introduction to economics. The first half of the subject deals with microeconomic issues focusing on the behaviour of individual economic agents (consumers, resource-owners, businesses), with the choices and decisions made by these agents and with the effects of these decisions on other agents. The second half deals with key macroeconomic issues such as GDP, economic growth, unemployment, inflation, fiscal policy with taxes and government spending, monetary policy with interest rates and money supply, the exchange rate, the current and capital accounts, other government economic policies related to these issues, and the impact of changes in such policies and economic environment on national and global economy as a whole, including financial markets, households and firms.

It is expected that upon completion of this subject students will have a sufficiently good working knowledge of basic economic theory and practice to be able to read and understand economic commentaries in sources such as the Australian Financial Review, The Economist, the finance section of the daily newspapers and various business and financial journals.