BUS105 Business Statistics


B BUS (Accg) Core
B BUS (MGT and FIN) Core
Dip Accg Core
Dip Mgt Core

This subject is embedded in a business context and uses:

o descriptive methods to graphically and numerically summarise data sets;
o inferential techniques on sample data to determine characteristics of the parent populations;
o regression techniques to predict future outcomes.

The subject provides an introduction to basic statistical concepts and techniques and a working knowledge of a number of inferential procedures to solve statistical problems in a business context. The subject covers the use of techniques such as hypothesis tests and to develop evidence based predictions that can be used when making business decisions.



Numerical literacy, while not a pre-requisite, is an advantage for this subject. As an example when giving a lecture numerical information may appear on a screen and it will be an advantage if you are familiar with this type of information. The skills that are useful are an understanding of formulas and prior experience with using a calculator. Those who did poorly in mathematics at school may need to spend an extra hour per week on the subject. It is advisable to work closely with your tutor to overcome any fear of mathematics or of how to use a calculator.

Subject Outlines