ACC303 Contemporary Issues in Accounting

(Note: replaces AC302 Advanced Accounting)


B BUS (Accg) Core

The Contemporary Issues in Accounting subject examines a number of contemporary and emerging global issues in order to familiarise you with the business environment you are likely to be operating in as an accountant. Contemporary Issues in Accounting is also a vehicle for advancing the development of professional values, ethics and attitudes.

In particular, attitudes that:
o value learning combined with well-developed personal communication, networking and information technology skills
o acknowledge the importance of professional curiosity as a means of avoiding imprudent decision-making
o welcome divergent opinions and creative approaches to problem solving as a means of gaining insights into an increasingly complex and dynamic business world.

This subject will also offer you the challenges and opportunities presented by contemporary issues in accounting – such as corporate social responsibility, sustainability and capital Markets.
Online resources are used for this subject, including video presentations and web links.


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ACC101 Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACC200 Introduction to Management Accounting
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