20 September, 2018

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How to study an MPA program in Australia without putting your life on hold

How to study an MPA program in Australia without putting your life on hold

Being an international student in Australia and enrolled in a Master of Professional Accounting Program is a big commitment; however it does not mean that you will have to put your life on hold to commit your time only for your postgraduate degree.

King’s Own institute thinks in their international students’ needs. Here are a few advantages of being a student at KOI:

Flexible timetable

We offer a few options to our students so they can tailor their timetable as best suits them. Saturday classes are also available.

Trimester System

KOI has a trimester based system which means we have three intakes per year: March, July and November.  To be eligible for a one trimester break, students must enroll in two consecutive trimesters and successfully complete at least 7 subjects.

International students are allowed to work full time during their break so it is a good opportunity for you to save money or/and develop their careers. You will have more time to enjoy themselves. Part of the international student experience is to explore new places and enjoy the Australian lifestyle.

Student support

KOI offers great support to our students. We are always here to listen to you! If you face any difficulties, we will always do our best to support you. We want to make sure our students have a memorable experience while studying at KOI.

Studying an MPA in Australia requires your time and dedication but you do not have to put your whole life on hold. Time is usually the biggest obstacle when a student intends to pursue a postgraduate degree, so we wanted to build a course that would match the students’ needs!

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