Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in KOI is a fast paced one year Master’s program that is challenging yet fulfilling for those who wish to pursue a qualification which equips them with the necessary post graduate qualification required to teach both in Australia and the world at large. The three trimesters are each designed to culminate in a post graduate qualification.

Successful completion of the first trimester leads to a Graduate Certificate in TESOL, while a post graduate Diploma in TESOL is awarded to those students who complete and pass two Trimesters. The last trimester is for students wishing to have a full-fledged Master’s qualification.

The practicum components of the course provide exposure to the real world of classroom teaching, both face to face and online. A good curriculum, well-qualified capable staff, and a personalised ambience are some features noted by our past graduates.

  • Graduate Certificate of TESOL

    The Graduate Certificate in TESOL is a course designed for prospective teachers wishing to teach English to speakers of other languages. The course consists of 4 core subjects which prepares students for a variety of language teaching contexts in Australia and overseas. It integrates current theory and practice of TESOL, including teaching methodologies, programming and planning, and linguistics for language teaching.

    The course also provides the foundation for students wanting to progress to the Graduate Diploma in TESOL or the Master of Arts (TESOL).

  • Graduate Diploma of TESOL

    The Graduate Diploma in TESOL meets the professional development needs of a wide range of English language teachers and educators teaching people of all ages. It caters for students seeking an initial teaching qualification in teaching English to adult speakers of other languages. I

  • Master of Arts (TESOL)

    The Master of Arts (TESOL) provides graduates with a professional qualification for teaching English to speakers of other languages. The course has 11 subjects (the Research component is a double weighted subject) comprising of 7 core subjects and 4 electives, studied over 3 trimesters.