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English Development Class

English Development Class (EDC100) is optional for all KOI students and no exams will be conducted at end of the term. This subject focuses on improving students’ English Language skills to perform better in other formally enrolled subjects. It also helps students to achieve their desired result in IELTS exams.

There is no compulsory attendance required and the teacher updates the course materials regularly in Moodle so students can study at their convenience. If you prefer face-to –face delivery, come to attend this free English Development Class. Classes are held at Kent Street Campus every Friday during teaching weeks. Please refer to the KOI timetable for the latest class times and locations.

Exam Procedures for Students

All examinations conducted by KOI are held under full exam conditions. Please take the time to read the following so you will be fully informed and prepared. When you sit for your exams, it will be assumed that you have read the following:

Exam Room Conditions

Before you enter the exam room, you must turn OFF your mobile phone and all electronic devices and place them in your bag, along with any notes, papers, folders, e-readers and text books.

If you are found with a mobile phone or notes in your possession during an exam, this may be grounds for academic misconduct proceedings.

You will be required to remove all baseball caps and jackets and place them in your bag. If you cover your head for religious reasons, you will not be required to remove it.

The exam supervisors will show you where to put your bag.

You must have your KOI student card with you at all times during the exams and it must be placed on the table so the exam supervisors can see it clearly. If you do not have your student card, you must show some other photo ID such as a passport or drivers licence.

There should be nothing on your desk except pens, pencils, an eraser, a water bottle and a calculator IF permitted.


All calculators must be non-programmable. The make and model will be checked.

Students are not permitted to share calculators.

Mobile phones or tablets that have a calculator function are NOT permitted.

If you have forgotten to bring your calculator, there may be some available to borrow on the day of the exam that remain the property of KOI. Your student card will be held as security until you return the calculator at the end of the exam.

Toilet Breaks

You will be permitted to leave the room to have a toilet break once during the exam. You will not be permitted to do this during the first 30 minutes of the exam.

You must stay in your seat and raise your hand. When directed, take your student card with you to the door, where an exam supervisor will record your name and student number and then you may leave.

All toilets are checked regularly for notes and other materials. If you are found to have used unauthorised material, or if you are found with a mobile phone during or after this time, this is grounds for academic misconduct proceedings.

Entering and Leaving the Exam Room

No student will be allowed to enter the exam room more than 15 minutes after the start of the exam.

No student will be permitted to leave the exam room less than 15 minutes after the start of the exam.

If you have 10 minutes reading time for your exam, you are NOT permitted to pick up your pens or calculator at all. There is NO writing during reading time.

When you have finished your exam paper, stay in your seat and raise your hand.

An exam supervisor will come and collect your paper and then you may leave the exam room.

You will be warned when 15 minutes remain in your exam and again when 5 minutes remain. You are not allowed to leave the exam room during the last 15 minutes of the exam as this may distract other students.

At the end of the exam, you will be instructed to stop writing and to remain in your seat until your paper is collected. If you do not stop writing when directed or attempt to leave before your paper is collected, this may be grounds for academic misconduct proceedings. You may NOT speak until all exam papers have been collected.

Any communications between students by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited from the time students enter the examination room until they exit at the completion of the examination. This includes any temporary absence from the examination room during the examination.

Closed Book/Open Book

Closed book means no materials are allowed into the exam room. However, in some situations, certain material specified by the lecturer will be permitted. This will be advised beforehand and listed on the front of the exam paper. This material will be subject to checking by the exam supervisor.

Open book means there are no restrictions on the type of printed materials that may be taken into the exam room.  No electronic devices will be permitted.

After the Exam

After the exam, you must take your bag and leave the exam room promptly. Do NOT turn your mobile phone on until you are out of the exam room as there may be students still doing exams.

If You Are Sick

If you are sick on the day of the exam, you MUST fill in a Deferred Exam Request Form and attach your Medical Certificate to it. This application must be completed and submitted within 2 days to reception. If you do not provide your medical certificate within 5 days of the date of your exam, your request cannot be considered.

If your request to sit a deferred exam is approved, you will be advised of the day and date of the exam, which will usually be within a one month period after the exam.

Exam Clashes

An exam clash is when you have two or more exams scheduled for the same day and time.

If you have an exam clash, you must advise the Academic Officers at as soon as possible after you become aware of the clash.


If you have more than two exams on the one day, you may sit for the third exam the day after. You must still advise the Academic Officers at  if you have this issue.

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