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Universities in the English-speaking world do not all have the same systems of calculating average marks. Some countries, such as Canada and the USA, refer to “Grade Point Average,” (GPA), based on a maximum mark of 4 for each unit or subject. Some faculties used “weighted mean averages.”

Most Australian universities do not have such systems but some, on their websites, give advice on how to calculate a GPA from their individual grading systems.

The University of Sydney has different systems between faculties, and some faculties do not use grade point averages or “weighted mean averages” at all.

A useful article on the Internet can be seen on “Academic Grading in Australia.”

KOI has introduced a Grade Point Average (GPA) system, calculated as in Table A, and based on the following notional values:

  • High Distinction 5, Distinction 4, Credit 3, Pass 2, Fail 0.
  • Each Fail Grade counts as one attempt.
  • Credit Transfer from other institutions are not calculated.
  • ICT grades are calculated at the grades received from KOI.
  • Grades waiting for final results are not calculated (eg, DE, SE.)


A. Subject CodeB. Subject NameC. GradeD. ValueE. AttemptsGPA
BUS100Professional Communication SkillsF01
BUS100Professional Communication SkillsP21
BUS103Introduction to MicroeconomicsD41
BUS101Introduction to Business LawC31
ACC100Introduction to AccountingP21
MGT100Introduction to ManagementHD51
BUS101Introduction to MacroeconomicsD41
BUS104Introduction to MarketingHD51
D. Total values
E. Total attempts
GPA = D divided by E = 3.125

Each university has its own requirements for admission to its degree programs, including PhD programs. Admissions policies might depend on high marks in specific subjects.

Some universities might require additional studies prior to admission into their PhD programs.

Enquiries need to be made at a university of choice to find out what their admission requirements might be.

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