• I want to check my attendance?

    To check your attendance, login into the student portal  and click the “Academics” menu on the left hand side of the page then go to “My Attendance”.

  • I want to make a complaint / suggestion?

    Please lodge all complaints / suggestions to the Academic Services team or the Student Services team who are available via Reception or email the complaint / suggestion to acdemic@koi.edu.au or studentserv@koi.edu.au or you may also drop it in the suggestion box located at Reception in each of the KOI locations.

  • I want information on trimester dates and examination / enrolment periods?

    All dates and times are available on the E-Learning portal. Some important dates and times will be shown on the screen at Reception. If you can’t find a specific date or time please contact Reception

  • I have queries about withdrawals / deferrals?

    If you have any question regarding withdrawal / deferral of subjects or your course, please contact Student Services (studentserv@koi.edu.au)

  • I need information on Credit Transfer and eCOE duration?

    Please email the Admissions department (admissions@koi.edu.au) or contact our Admissions Officer through our KOI Reception desk at our Market Street location or phone our receptionist on 9283 3583 and request to speak to an Admissions Officer.

  • I want to change my course?

    Students may apply to change their course of study after completing their current trimester of study and it is subject to the approval of the Vice-President (Student Affairs). Students must complete an International Student Application Form or Domestic Student Application Form and email to admissions@koi.edu.au or handover the completed form to our KOI Reception or submit the application form via Student portal.
    Note: The application form must be submitted two (2) weeks prior to the start of the next trimester. Approval of an application to change a course of study is not guaranteed.

  • I want to get a copy of my Academic Transcript?

    There are two types of academic transcripts:
    Official Transcript – please submit a request through the Student Portal – Service and Forms- Document Request. ($10.00 fee will apply)
    Unofficial Transcript is available for download through the Student portal free of charge at any time.
    Official Completion Transcript – Students who are eligible to complete the degree will receive a free Official transcript and a Completion Letter which will be available after the Completion date

    Please contact Student Services (studentserv@koi.edu.au) for further queries.

  • My Official Transcript or Completion letter is lost or destroyed?

    You can request a replacement for completion documents by contacting Student Services (studentserv@koi.edu.au). Replacement Transcripts and Testamur will cost $15.00 each.

  • I am unable to collect my documents such as a Transcript, Completion Letter or Testamur?

    King’s Own Institute (KOI) encourages all students to collect their official documents in person for security and confidentiality. However, KOI understands that this may not always be possible.

    Students who are unable to collect their official documents from KOI in person may authorise someone else to collect their documents, or may request documents be mailed to them. KOI will not send electronically (by email) an Official Transcript or Testamur. This can only be collected in person or sent by post. (Fees will apply, please contact Student Services: studentserv@koi.edu.au)

    If you are unable to collect your documents you may:

    1. Authorise another person to collect documents on your behalf:
      1. If you wish someone else to collect the documents, you will need to authorise this person by completing a Third Party Authority Form available in the koi website – Policies and Forms. The authorised person can bring the completed form along with a copy of your photo ID card or other identification document.
      2. The authorised person collecting your documents must present a proof of his/her identity such as a current passport or Australian driver’s license
    1. Request KOI to send your documents by post (for students who prefer to receive the documents by post).
      1. Please apply through the Student portal or contact Student Services studentserv@koi.edu.au or Reception (reception@koi.edu.au)
      2. The student will need to provide KOI with their valid current address. KOI will send only to countries covered by Australia Post – KOI will not send official documents to a Post Office Box or a third party for security and privacy reasons.
      3. KOI will provide you with a selection of mailing postage options and costs
      4. Once you choose your preferred mailing postage option, KOI will advise how payment can be made.
      5. Documents will be sent once KOI receive the postage fee payment.

    Please note:

    KOI cannot accept any responsibility for documents once they are provided to a third party or dispatched by post.

  • I change my address while enrolled in the course?

    You have an obligation to notify KOI of any changes to your contact details (residential address, mobile number (if any), email address (if any) and who to contact in emergency situations) within seven (7) days. If you are an International student, you are required by Department of Home Affairs (DHA) to provide KOI with up to date contact details (residential address, mobile number (if any), email address (if any) and who to contact in emergency situations) within seven (7) days or you will be in breach of your visa conditions. Please complete a Domestic Student Contact Details Form or International Student Contact Details Form and email to admissions@koi.edu.au or handover the completed form to KOI Reception or updating the profile via Student portal.

  • I have queries regarding my OSHC?

    KOI can only assist students who have their OSHC with KOI’s preferred provider, Australian Health Management (AHM). Please email the Finance Department accounts@koi.edu.au .

    Students using other providers need to contact their provider directly.

  • Need a letter for immigration / enrolment letter?

    Please submit a request through the Student Portal – Service and Forms-Document Request.
    You may contact Student Services (studentserv@koi.edu.au) for further queries.

  • Want information on immigration?

    Information regarding immigration is available on the Department of Home Affairs website

  • I am an International student and have completed my studies, what must I do next?

    Students completing studies will receive a general information letter providing advice on a number of things that need to be done after completion.
    After completion, all students on Student Visas and with CoEs, will need to contact the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) (www.homeaffairs.gov.au), to establish their eligibility to remain lawfully in Australia once they have completed course requirements.

    Students may also seek advice and assistance from their agent or from a registered migration agent.
    Temporarily extending a stay in Australia. Information about temporarily extending a stay in Australia can be found in the DHA Fact sheet – Temporary Residence Program

    Completion letter Date of course completion

    Completing students will be issued with a “Completion Letter” and an up-to-date “Student Academic Record” which will include the date of completion.
    Official notification of completion is through the last email address given by a student to KOI.

    Date of course completion

    The date of course completion (Completion date) is the date on a letter from KOI that a student has met the requirements for a degree, diploma or certificate (A Completion Letter)

    NOTE: Please note that the final date on a CoE or a Student Visa is not a completion date

    Completion Letters and final Student Academic Records are made available as soon as possible after completion, but processing of documents may take up to 10 working days.

    CoE cancellation.

    KOI is required by law to report the fact that students have completed their studies and that the CoE has been cancelled.
    KOI cancels the student CoE effective from the completion date or shortly after the completion date.

    Completion Date

    Completion dates for every trimester are published yearly in the KOI Student Handbook under “Key Dates” – Certification of Completion.
    Completion dates will normally be the Friday three weeks after the last day of examinations for the trimester.

  • Can I still get a hard copy of the transcript ?

    KOI will still provide students with a hard copy of their transcript and completion letters if required. Please contact studentserv@koi.edu.au for more information.

  • Can I Link my Social Media Accounts to My eQuals?

    You can also link your social media accounts to My eQuals to enable access through them once you activate your account.

  • Will I be able to send transcripts to WES via My eQual?

    Yes, you can share your academic documents with WES either by downloading the digital copy of the documents from MyeQuals or directly sending the URL link of the documents with WES so that they can view it via My eQuals.