Consent Matters Program

In 2023, KOI has updated its Prevention and Resolution of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Policy – . KOI is committed to maintaining a safe, inclusive, respectful environment for its students and staff. The policy sets out KOI’s framework to prevent sexual assault and harassment, as well as reporting process for complaints and incidents.

KOI has 4 goals for the program defined for FY 2023-2024, to be achieved by fostering the 4E’s Framework (Encourage, Educate, Enable and Empower).

  1. Encourage students and staff to come forward to have conversations of any disturbing incidents or uncomfortable behaviour
  2. Educate the students and staff on what resources are available to them when they experience fear of sexual harm or are survivors of it
  3. Enable a community of trust and respect for all KOI Students and Staff who play a pivotal role in keeping the spirit of KOI community alive
  4. Empower KOI Students and staff to foster continued engagement with an aim to gather insights on how protected they feel with KOI support and to derive intelligence on continuous improvements.

Preventing Sexual Harm Support Contacts for SASH Reporting Sexual Harm Lodge a Compliant