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Josefa Julia Costa Santana, Bachelor of Information Technology - Brazil

I’m studying for a Bachelor of IT at KOI. Personally, I chose KOI because of the flexibility of the classes, which helps students to work while studying. I’m also really glad I chose it because of the course rotation. From the start, I have studied many IT subjects that I can parallel with iOS development, which is the area I want to focus on. I want to focus my career on iOS development, especially Swift programming.

Quoc Anh Nguyen, Bachelor of Information Technology - Vietnam

I’m from Vietnam. I’m a current student at KOI, and I’m pursuing a Bachelor of Information Technology. My experience with KOI has been really good. I really like the interaction between the teachers and students; I received all the help that I needed. Right after the lectures, I can go to the computer labs and practice what I’ve learned. The teachers work really hard to maintain a good level of interaction and provide quality education. Overall, I really enjoy studying at KOI.

Tamkeen Fatima, Bachelor of Information Technology - Pakistan

I’m from Pakistan. I graduated with a degree in IT from KOI in October 2021. My learning experience has been amazing. The teachers and tutors have been helpful throughout. I am currently working and have many opportunities in the IT field. Overall, it is amazing to study at KOI.

Diksha Gurung, Bachelor of Information Technology - Nepal

I recently graduated from KOI with a Bachelor of Information Technology. My experience was very good. Everyone at KOI is very helpful. They assisted me whenever I had trouble or questions. I learned a lot of new things and made many new friends. I am very happy with the skills and knowledge I gained. I would definitely recommend everyone to study at KOI because the education here is very beneficial for a student’s future. For those who graduate from KOI, I believe their future is very bright.

Pratik Ale Magar, Bachelor of Information Technology - Nepal

I would recommend KOI to everyone. Compared to the fees at other colleges, and based on feedback from friends who are paying the same fees but not receiving the same quality of education, KOI provides excellent skills and practical courses. KOI is very strict about assignments; however, it gives us great opportunities to learn practical skills.

Mary Anne Garbin Dela Roca, Bachelor of Business (Accounting) - Philippines

I think most of the international students would agree with me when I say leaving your home country to pursue further studies or to continue what you’ve started was not an easy decision. It really requires a lot of time, effort and consideration especially in choosing which school to go to. I am so glad that I chose KOI.

This institution is really worth recommending to others who also want to study here in Australia. The professors and staff were so nice and approachable. The students and environment were so friendly. The fees are affordable, you’re really getting more than what you’ve paid for because of the quality of education. The facilities are way beyond your expectations.

So, if any one of you are looking for an Australian school to go to, KOI is the best option. Any alumni can attest to that. You will really enjoy the process of learning. The facilities are way beyond your expectations.

Thi Phuong Nga LUONG, Bachelor of Business (Accounting) - Vietnam

For me, choosing King’s Own Institute to complete my degree of Bachelor of Business (Accounting) is one of the best decisions I have made in my path of education achievement. At KOI, I am not only receiving the highest quality education from dedicated and qualified teachers but also being provided adequate facilities and friendly environments for study and

experience. I believe KOI is of my top picks because of the excellent service provided which comes at an affordable price. Moreover, I have a chance to build my networks during my study at KOI since I was studying in small size classes where teachers can easily remember and support their students. Overall, experience with KOI is amazing and I never regret choosing KOI as an Australian educational institute to start my career.

Byunghoon Park, Bachelor of Business (Accounting) - South Korea

I’m originally from South Korea and came to Australia back in 2012. As I have been interested in business, I wanted to study Accounting, which is paramount for any businesses.

I was genuinely fascinated by the fact that a lot of graduates had told me to study accounting at King’s Own Institute. It is the high quality of education that KOI has. Moreover, I had received significant support from lectures, tutors, as well as staff members at KOI. They are amazing! I wouldn’t have been able to finish my course successfully if I hadn’t had help from them.

Of course, there were ups and downs throughout the course. However, I tried to enjoy every single moment at KOI over the course of three years. In addition, I did my best to get the most out of the course. As a result, I was able to graduate with ‘merit’ and awarded a certificate of academic excellence. I’m really excited to see myself using everything that I have learned at KOI in the real world.

I absolutely recommend anyone who is interested in business to choose KOI.

Lyneth Canale, Bachelor of Business (Accounting) - Philippines

As an international student, one of the dilemmas I had was finding a school that could create a safe space for someone who needed to adjust in a new environment. Earning a degree does not only mean having good grades or completing a task.

KOI has demonstrated what high-quality service is; from the staff who had assisted me with my concerns in the school and educators who were generous in sharing their knowledge and skills, I have found great satisfaction in learning and being able to demonstrate practices in the workplace.

I chose KOI because it is LOUD. It creates Leaders, it is always Onward, has a complete Understanding of the students’ needs and Dedicated to produce only the best students who can compete anywhere in the world.

Bilal Mukhtar, Pakistan Master of Professional Accounting

If someone tells you that there is an academic institution offering highly demanding study programs and it lies in the heart of Sydney, well-experienced teachers from Brazil, Philippines, Pakistan, Australia and many more, tidy and well-organized study spaces, an array of reference books in the library and great people to help out at administration, what would be your answer? Definitely “yes” and it was mine too.

In addition, I learned how to do proper in-text citations in quantitative and qualitative research and leading a group of team-mates from Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nepal, India and other countries doing my final research project.
KOI taught me how to manage your teammates, study-work life, frequent interstate visits, family-friends and many other things to let stable and flourish in my life.

Stephanie AURELIA, Indonesia Master of Professional Accounting

I did many types of research and found that Australia is recognized with its high standard in the education system.

Thus, would provide me with opportunities to achieve my career goal with confidence when I am back to Indonesia. Additionally, Australia is known for its multiculturalism and diversity, which I believe can enhance my soft skills when dealing with people with different ethnic and cultures.

My research had led me to King’s Own Institute (KOI). KOI offers postgraduate accounting program that I am looking for because it is accredited with the Australian Qualification Framework. Moreover, the program at KOI suits my budget.

KOI offers a Master Professional Accounting program that satisfies the educational membership requirements for Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ), CPA Australia (CPA) and The Institute of Public Accountants (IPA), which is very valuable for me as I wanted to start my own accounting practice.

Michal Tomcik, Czech Master of Accounting

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” that is why I have decided to invest in myself and started to study accounting at King’s Own Institute in Sydney, Australia.

By studying in Sydney I have got a knowledge, skills and experience from diverse cultures, which I would not be able to get back in Europe.

Without any hesitation it is was my best investment I have ever made in my life.

Michele, Indonesian, Bachelor of Business (Management and Finance)

In 2011, I came to Australia for studying foundation course leads to bachelor degree program.

I would like to have my own business in the near future and what I have been studying at King’s Own Institute would help me in a right direction to reach the goal

David Florez, Colombian, Master of Professional Accounting (Standard)

As a university graduate major in Financial Engineer, In 2013 I left Medellin, Colombia to make my biggest dream come true, “Coming to Australia and building my life” and since, facing new challenges such as living in overseas I have developed skills to make myself to move forward.

I do believe I am closer to the dream one step per day while studying a postgraduate program at King’s Own Institute with well-qualified lecturers who are my mentors.

Pooja, Indian, Master of Professional Accounting

In the year 2014, I started my career in finance in Australia. Soon I realised that I do need an Australian degree to grow further professionally.

Since 2016, I have been studying for a master degree at King’s Own Institute.

With confidence, I can say that study I have been doing can open a gateway to success.

Harry Vo, Vietnamese, Master of Professional Accounting

The Master of Professional Accounting degree at King’s Own Institute has set up career prosperity for me in Australia.

With great academic support and career orientation, I have been accepted for a professional internship in an accounting firm.

Indeed, I am satisfied with my career choice and education at King’s Own Institute that is an incredible place full of amazing adventures.

Praish CHITRAKAR, Nepalese, Master of Professional Accounting

To achieve a goal to be a professional accountant, I came to Australia in 2016 and have been studying Accounting degree at King’s Own Institute since.

Despite cultural differences, the institute has been providing me with a quality education and practical application to present competitive business world where guided me a clear path and vision to a future success and achieve my goals.

“Thank you all the academic teaching staff and administrative staff for helping me to reach this far of career journey”.

Prathi Sudhir SHAH, Indian Master of Professional Accounting

I came to Sydney in 2016 from India for a higher education degree program, but after thoughtful consideration in various ways, I transferred my education provider to King’s Own Institute in 2017.

It has been such a wonderful journey studying and living in Sydney that has brought the best out of myself who have endless opportunities ahead.

Dream big and aspire high!.

Suman Shrestha, Nepalese Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

My journey with KOI has been amicable, to say the least. King’s Own Institute shed me light during the darkest hours of my life. I was growing frustrated and annoyance was at the peak back in my home country Nepal.

I had failed to get into other so-called ‘privileged and high infrastructure’ universities because of my 2 years gap after my high school.

I saw very less hope staying back there and doing something for myself so when KOI accepted my request to join their academy, it was honestly one of the happiest moments of my life as I was finally going to get a chance to travel abroad for further studies.

I’m about to finish my 2nd trimester and I’ve been having a really amazing time at KOI. I did really well in my 1st term because of the friendly and approachable teachers who I could approach anytime.

The well-rounded subjects layout was easy to understand and relatable.The staff and the services provided is one of the catalysts well.I could go into the library even on Saturdays to work on assignments and study for exams.

I think I’ll do well this term as well.I have never felt so excited about studying.I want to go to the college every day and would even do so if I was allowed.

I plan to see my degree out, achieve my goals and fulfil my dreams. All thanks to KOI.

Niki Shrestha, Nepal Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

After doing a lot of research, I found KOI the best option because it had a degree that I wanted to do within my budget range. I chose KOI because I wanted a well-rounded education, small class sizes where I got the chance to build a close relationship with other students and my teachers. I found the KOI environment to be exceptionally well. All the academic and non-academic staff of KOI are ready to help students at any time. Besides lecture classes, KOI provides tutorial classes where students get practical knowledge of the real world.

It offers different opportunities such as swimming lessons, PTE information sessions, FUTSAL competitions, and internship scholarships to students who qualify through their academic performance.

I was awarded an Internship scholarship by KOI as I reached a GPA above 3.5.
KOI has a diverse and multicultural environment where cultural events are celebrated with love and respect. I am in the final trimester of my undergraduate course and I would like to thank all the academic and non-academic staff who have supported me throughout my entire journey at KOI.

Sonam SHAHI, Nepal Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

I find it to be a very caring and friendly environment at King’s Own Institute where the staff in the institution from faculty to tutors are exceptionally helpful.KOI has not only helped me with academic excellence but also has contributed to my personality development.The best thing about being the student here is the opportunity to participate in additional opportunities like extra classes for tips on excelling on PTE/IELTS,internship classes, swimming lessons, various cultural events and more.I am in my final year of undergraduate course and ready to utilise the knowledge and experience I have gained from KOI in the real world.I have been able to manage my shift work and study as KOI is very flexible with different timetables according to our needs.I would heartily like to welcome all new and former students to utilise the best services provided by

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” that is why I have decided to invest in myself and started to study accounting at King’s Own Institute in Sydney, Australia.

By studying in Sydney I have got a knowledge, skills and experience from diverse cultures, which I would not be able to get back in Europe.

Without any hesitation it is was my best investment I have ever made in my life.

Yookyung Cho, Korean Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

While I was looking for a higher education provider in Sydney, King’s Own Institute came as the right choice as per referral from a friend of mine who is a graduate of KOI.

During my study, I was fortunate to have one-year work experience in the bank headquarter with a recommendation from my class tutor.

I am very proud of myself and look forward to having a bright future.

Rafiq Alam, Pakistani, Bachelor of Business (Accounting

I left my country, Pakistan at the end of 2014 and came to Australia for studying a higher education degree.

Due to the language barrier as a non-native English speaker, I had to delay my degree course commenced and finally, I pushed myself with courage and commenced the degree program in 2017 at King’s Own Institute with reference from a friend of mine.

It was unclear whether I would be able to complete the degree in accounting at the beginning of the study but, I am in the 2nd trimester of the course now, and very happy as per my good academic performance.

Thank you KOI offers me self-confidence and a hope for the bright future.

Lidya, Indonesian, Master of Professional Accounting

When I was studying for a bachelor degree in Malaysia,I have always imagined how great it would be if I could study in Australia. But,I have never thought it would be possible studying in Sydney as per high tuition fees and living cost.

Thanks to my academic adviser who helped me to discover with King’s Own Institute,I am now in Sydney.

Studying and living in Sydney has been wonderful and if I had the same situation,I would have made the same decision what I have done.

Tisha Nopphorn SUDJAITHAM, Thailand, Master of Professional Accounting

My name is Tisha from Thailand. I would like to say my journey has been quite extraordinary and I feel like Australia is my home.

During my study in the postgraduate program, my favourite 2 subjects are Financial Management and Portfolio Investment that have supported my investment decisions in various ways.

After I graduate I plan to work in the finance sector and run small businesses specializing in online math tutoring and property investment in Australia and the United States.

Priscillia Chantal Kowalski, French Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

In 2013, I decided to travel and I arrived in Australia, only with one bag with a goal to travel around Australia for a year and learn English.

Sadly, things did not turn out as expected but better that I fell in love culture, people and nature of Australia.

I have been here for over 5 years, and I still love it.

Studying at King’s Own Institute has been leading to my goal one step closer not only for getting pieces of knowledge and new skills, but also allowed me to develop a professional network, who are from all around the world.

Catherine HALIM, Indonesian Master of Accounting

Studying abroad has been one of my biggest dreams since when I was in high school. For achieving the dream I have come to Sydney and commenced my higher education degree program at King’s Own Institute in 2017. Studying the postgraduate program has been very rewarding that has offered me education and skills of socialisation with friends from other countries. Without a doubt, it has been the best experience of my life!.

Chaudry Aqib Raza Warraich, Pakistani Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

In 2015 when I was 18 years old, I left Lahore, Pakistan to study a higher education degree in Sydney in order to achieve my dream to work for my father who is a businessman,dealing in textile (manufacturing of yarn and fabrics).Since then, I have improved in myself a lot studying at King’s Own Institute where has offered me interacting with classmates who came from different ethnic background and culture.I feel extra-ordinary being part of Australia International Students’ life journey.

Livia Margarita, Indonesian Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

The hardest decision I have ever made in my life was leaving Indonesia for pursuing my dream of studying in Sydney when I was 19. But, I have survived and been moving forward day by day in the completely out of my comfort zone with a positive mind and hard work.

Hai Khanh NGUYEN, Vietnamese Master of Professional Accounting

Hai Khanh NGUYEN from Vietnam is currently studying in Master of Professional Accounting. With his talent and interest, he has developed skills as a videographer with Nguyen Creative Films (
Wishing for the very best for your future career!

Nikolina Gjerovska

Starting a career in Accounting at KOI it is a great experience so many challenges and hard work, with help that KOI provided that lead me to become a CPA Ambassador for KOI.By attending a presentation held by CPA at KOI I learned about what accounting benefit would be in life and what a great opportunity to be part of CPA

Liselotte Johansson

I wanted to apply for the CPA Student Ambassador role to start my accounting career journey here in Australia, to become more familiar with the accounting industry and to network while assisting CPA and supporting students at KOI with information about CPA.I got this opportunity by attending a CPA information Session. March 2017 at KOI where Kim Hwang FCPA, International Relationship Manager of CPA Australia stated that they were looking for CPA Student Ambassadors for KOI.Therefore I sent her my application which resulted in a successful interview. I’m happy to be a CPA Student Ambassador and looking forward to assisting CPA and KOI students in many various ways during my time as a student at KOI!

Catalina Santa

I am Catalina Santa from KOI. I am a graduate of Business Accounting from KOI. Back in June 2014 when I finished my last term at KOI I got the opportunity to start working for Australia Study Care, which is one of the leading companies in the education sector for international students in Australia. I got the position as an Accountant Officer.I really want to tell you that I am still there and it is an amazing experience. I have not only put in place all the knowledge I got from my lecturers, classes and friends at KOI but also I had the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds and cultures.I am very pleased to say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH KOI, because you gave me the best opportunity to be a competent and ethical professional willing to contribute positively to the economy of this country.


I am Nishant and I studied a Bachelor of Business in Accounting. After graduating in June 2013, I went through an accounting internship. Two months later, I was employed as an Inventory Analyst at Aryzta Pty Limited. I was later promoted to second in charge to the Cost Accountant and Relief Assistant Accountant for Food Solutions. Currently I am working at an accounting firm in Bondi Junction after my tenure at Aryzta. My position involves business advisory, taxation and financial reporting for corporate clientele. I performed in forensic services and auditing as well. I am also an associate member with CPA.