My eQuals

KOI proudly partners with My eQuals to provide digital certificates to students and graduates.

  • 1. What is My eQuals?

    My eQuals is a trusted provider of certified digital documents. KOI has taken the initiative to join the My eQuals platform with an objective of providing all its students with a secure digital platform where they can access and share their academic transcripts and documents in a secure and safe manner.

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  • 2. My eQuals and its benefits to me?

    My eQuals is one of the most secure gateways designed to assist students to access their academic documents in the easiest and safest ways digitally.

    • a. The students have complete control over whom they can share the documents with.
    • b. As the documents are 100% certified and authenticated by the issuing authority, the employers, universities and any other third party with whom the document is shared can rely on it completely.
    • c. Once the documents are uploaded by the education provider the students can access the documents anywhere and at any time without having to wait.
  • 3. How do I Access My eQuals?

    Once the documents have been requested and the payment is made, KOI will upload the requested documents to the My eQuals portal. The student will then receive a registration link in their KOI student email address.

    Students are requested to make sure that they remember the login details to their KOI student email address to be able to access the registration link to My eQuals.

    If you forgot your KOI student email password:
    Click here and go to KOI Email Services – Reset password

  • 4. What are the documents that I can request through My eQuals and cost?

    The students can request for the below documents through MyeQuals:

    • Academic Transcript – $10 (Current Student)
    • Completion Letter + Testamur – FREE (for students who completed the course in March 2021(end of Trimester 1 2021) and July 2021(end of Trimester 2 2021))
    • Reference Letter (If required) – $20
    • Re-issue of Transcript and Testamur for Alumni prior to 2021
    • Academic Transcript – $15 (Alumni)
    • Testamur – $25 (Alumni)

    My eQuals Completion Documents Request
    Current students
    Click here
    Please follow the below path.
    (Log in > Services and Forms (left-side menu) > Document Request > New Request)