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The Bridge Between Your Dreams and Your Success Is Your Actions!

So find today out if you qualify for the KOI Internship Scholarship!*

Contact KOI at:
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Address:           Level 1, 31 Market Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2000

*Interested students who do not qualify for KOI’s Internship Scholarship may still be eligible to enrol in this program directly with AIPP. In this case, please contact AIPP directly as per their contact details here

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KOI Internship Scholarship to AIPP’s Professional Internship Program

Would you like to get a professional job in Australia?
Did you know Australian employers highly value professional local work experience when considering you for employment?

It’s true. In addition to your academic qualifications, recent studies have shown that having local professional work experience is one of the primary deciding factors employers consider when screening for employees.
For this reason, as part of KOI’s commitment to your success, and to help make this program available to all KOI students, KOI is providing all eligible students a financial scholarship for you to join AIPP’s Professional Internship Program!

Program Overview

The AIPP Professional Internship Program is specifically designed to help you gain the training, practical work experience, and exposure to professional industry contacts you need to boost your employability and competitivity in the eyes of Australian employers.

This program achieves this objective through the delivery of it’s components outlined below. It is available in all industries Australia-wide, and is fully customised to your preferences when you enrol including but not limited to your preferred:

  • Duration, Start date, End date
  • Industry, Tasks and duties
  • Geographic location
  • Hours, and more

Program Inclusions

  1. Personalised, one-to-one pre-internship placement training such as interview practice, resume writing, LinkedIn profile development, culture training, and more
  1. An internship placement customised to your preferences
  1. Post-internship placement support, mentoring, performance reviews, inclusion in AIPP’s Talent Pool (for invitations to future job interview opportunities, etc), a letter of recommendation, certificate of completion, and more

For more information about the program contents, please read the AIPP Professional Internship Program – Prospectus

KOI Internship Scholarship

Students who qualify for the KOI Internship Scholarship will only need to contribute $500 of the $1,500 program fee as below.

Program Fees

  • Total Program Fee: $1,500
  • Student Contribution: $500

KOI Internship Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • Course Completion: 50%+
  • English Ability: Assessed by internal interview
  • GPA: 3.5 or higher  (Credit plus average)

Key Benefits

  1. Get a scholarship from KOI toward your AIPP Professional Internship Program fees, saving you $1,000
  2. Learn interview, cross-cultural, resume, research, communication, job hunting skills and more through AIPP’s professional trainers and support services
  3. Work on real-world problems / issues unlearnable via textbooks or classroom environments
  4. Gain meaningful, professional work experience that adds value to your resume and boosts your professional skill recognition in the eyes of employers, generally raising your employability
  5. Position yourself to take advantage of the job offers that often come only through internship placements, bypassing thousands of competing job applicants
  6. Give yourself the the chance to apply academic concepts and principles, achieving full integration of your studies
  7. Develop your practical skills and give yourself a powerful competitive edge above your peers
  8. Gain exposure to professional contacts for future career advancement opportunities / chance for you to gain offers of employment before or after your graduation
  9. Access hands-on opportunities to work with equipment and technology that may not be available on campus
  10. Increase your self-confidence in the workplace and cultivate your adaptability and creativity in the dynamic working world

KOI AIPP Internship Process

  1. Enquire at KOI Marketing as per the contact details below
  2. KOI Marketing will then make an initial assessment of your eligibility against the KOI Internship Scholarship Criteria
  3. Upon passing this initial assessment, you will then be invited to be interviewed by two KOI staff members
  4. Upon passing this interview, you will then be invited to enrol to AIPP’s Professional Internship Program with the KOI Internship Scholarship
  5. You will then need to pay your program fee of $500 to KOI Finance and Accounts Department
  6. Submit your enrolment details via AIPP’s Student / Graduate Registration Form for KOI
  7. AIPP will then contact you (via email and phone), and take care of you from there!


Testimonials and Feedback

Want to know what people say about their AIPP experience?

AIPP has received a lot of great feedback from KOI students over the years and have put together a special own “Wall of Fame” here to share some of the success stories, helping interns get past their obstacles and develop their employability skills to give you a real chance to succeed in getting the career of your dreams.


Can I customise my own internship?

When you enrol, in your enrolment form you can specify your:

– Days (e.g every Monday and Thursday) and time (e.g. morning, afternoon, or both)
– Host Company Geographic Location Preference at least 3 preferred cities
– Duration
– Preferred tasks / duties / role / responsibilities
– Internship start date / end date

AIPP completely customise your internship to how you want it to be.

How long would it take for AIPP to find me an internship?

AIPP’s average placement for Accounting, Financial Planning, Admin, IT, Marketing and so much more takes about 2 weeks to organise (depending on how quickly you complete AIPP’s compulsory resume and interview training components).

However, for Engineering, Engineering placements in general are very rare and difficult to find (especially for international students as host companies are nervous to spend their time training and developing an individual they are concerned might leave their organisation after the training as many host companies only take interns if they have plans to develop them and hire them).

Due to the difficulty and complexity of this placement, the program fee for Engineering internship is higher than the other industries and it would take about 2-3 weeks to organise this placement. As per AIPP terms and conditions, if AIPP is unable to organise an Internship Placement for the student within 60 days, AIPP would provide a refund.

What is the recommended internship duration?

AIPP lets you choose how long you want to do the internship, but AIPP always recommends a 12 week duration. The reason for this is 12 weeks is enough time for you to receive a significant amount of training from the host company, show your qualities.

It is frequent that after a host company has spent 12 weeks of time investing in training a candidate, the chance that that host company will want to retain you in an ongoing capacity as a paid employee increases dramatically

Additionally, a duration any shorter than 12 weeks has much less of an impact on your resume. So it is always best to complete your internship if you can.

Does AIPP organise paid internships?

Generally speaking, most people in Australia start their career by doing internships and internships are generally unpaid.

The reason people do internships is because employers in Australia expect people to have work experience before they will consider hiring / paying the person. This is because they want to see you have a proven “track record” of success to justify providing you payment.

In this regard, internships are a natural part of your (practical) skill development that proves to employers your ability to deliver value to their organisation, and thereby justify and interest them in hiring / employing / paying you.

Until you prove yourself, you can expect you will not receive offers of employment.

What is the chance of being offered a job after the completion of internship?

The chance of getting a job through your current internship is not something AIPP can guarantee on. It depends on a variety of factors like:

  1. Your performance
  2. How well you fit with the staff at the company
  3. The industry you’re entering
  4. Etc

That being said, the rate of host companies offering interns employment upon the completion of their program is HIGH because after investing 3 months of time in training you, very often companies would prefer to hire you and keep you rather than having to find a new staff and start training them all over again.

What happens if I fail the interview(s) with my possible host for an internship?

AIPP’s proven training and internship programs are custom designed to develop you to succeed in this currently very challenging employment market so you can achieve the career success you deserve and have already worked so hard for.

One of the inclusions of The AIPP Professional Internship Program is Interview training. That’s a 5x one-to-one interview practice sessions with AIPP specialist trainers. So AIPP can guarantee that you will do very well during your interviews.

The maximum number of interviews is three (3). The interviews will be done either via phone or face-face. By far, 99% is done through the latter. If you fail the first interview, AIPP will organise your 2nd interview, then third. Sometimes AIPP organise more, with no charge. The reason AIPP have a limit of 3 interviews is to protect AIPP as a company and AIPP’s relationships with the host company partners from the poor conduct of candidates e.g. showing up to interviews late, missing interviews, being rude, etc.

If you fail the 3 interviews, that means you have been disqualified from eligibility of refund by not being accepted after attending 3 interviews at separate Host Company Partners. – this is in accordance with AIPP’s Terms and Conditions.

The upside of this is that 95% of AIPP’s customers pass their first interview. Only 2-3% of customers fail all three (3) interviews. So this is not something that you need to worry about because AIPP have world-class trainers who will help you nail the interviews.

If I find a full-time job in my field while you are looking for an interview, am I qualified for a refund?

By enrolling to the AIPP Professional Internship Program, you’re agreeing to the AIPP Professional Internship Program terms and conditions, and basically telling us that you’re a reliable, responsible person who is committed to the program, and we can trust you to uphold your side of the agreement such that if we risk our reputation by recommending you to our host company partners for internship and potentially employment opportunities, you will deliver on your side of our agreement, not pull out part-way, destroying our reputation and relationships with our host company partners that have been built over many years.

In this respect, no, you would not be eligible for a refund if you pull out of the program as you would be quite severely breaching the purpose and agreement upon which the program is built.

I’m currently trying to decide whether to join AIPP’s program, or join a Professional Year Program (PY).
How can I know which one is right for me?

AIPP’s Professional Internship Program is not a PY program.

Which program is right for you depends on your goals and personal circumstances.

Some factors you should consider include:

  1. 1.Some PY providers may recognise your internship with AIPP, so you may not need to do an internship through a PY provider if you decide to join a PY program after doing your Professional Internship Program with AIPP (you will need to consult your PY provider in the future whether they will give you credit for doing your Professional Internship with AIPP or not)
  2. PY Programs are only available in industries:
    However, AIPP’s Professional Internship Program is available in every industry, Australia-wide.
  3. PY programs primarily focus on getting you +5 migration points, not on employability development or employment opportunities.
    AIPP’s Professional Internship Program, however, focuses on providing you specifically the professional work experience you want to gain, while boosting your employability and exposing you to employment opportunities whenever possible.

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