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Master of Arts (TESOL)


The Course Overview –  can be used to view the course structure and sequence in which subjects should be studied. All subjects named in the Course Overviews are core subjects and must be studied to satisfy the requirements of the particular award.

The subjects in shaded boxes must be studied in the order they are presented as they provide pre-requisite knowledge for other subjects. The remaining subjects (core and elective) have a recommended trimester, but may be studied in other available trimester slots to suit individual student preferences, provided pre-requisites have been completed.

Students may choose any elective subjects from the list following the Course Overview, provided the subject is offered in the trimester they wish to study it and they have met the relevant pre-requisites.

Master of Arts TESOL (CRICOS 083134K)

The Master of Arts (TESOL) provides graduates with a professional qualification for teaching English to speakers of other languages. The course has 11 subjects (the Research component is a double weighted subject) comprising of 7 core subjects and 4 electives, studied over 3 trimesters. King’s Own Institute works closely with other language teaching providers in Sydney to organise practicum placements, access current industry trends, resources and expertise in teaching methodology, and to identify resources and trends in the field. The course includes a supervised practicum.

The Master of Arts (TESOL) equips you with an internationally valued skill set, enabling you to communicate and exchange ideas with people of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and to learn more about other cultures and languages.

Graduates of the Master of Arts (TESOL) may find employment opportunities locally or overseas teaching English as a second or foreign language, or working in leadership positions in language teaching institutions. These include opportunities at TAFE or technical colleges, university language centres, private language schools and language teaching institutions for migrants.
Career choices for graduates with the Master of Arts (TESOL) include Academic advising, Government advising, Program directing, Academic Manager, Translating, Text book/journal writing or Business English instructing.

Graduates of the Master of Arts (TESOL) are eligible to apply for admission into further postgraduate qualifications in Australia and overseas such as another Master degree or a PhD.

The table in the pop-up window here gives an indication of the likely peer cohort for new students at KOI. It provides data on students that commenced Master of Arts (TESOL) study and passed the census date in the most relevant recent intake period for which data are available, including those admitted through all offer rounds, across all Australian campuses, and international students studying in Australia.

The table in the pop-up window here gives ATAR profile for those offered places wholly or partly on the basis of ATAR in Trimester 2, 2021

General admission criteria apply to the course.

Course Overview

First trimester

TSL700 Language Teaching Methodologies
Co-req: TSL704
TSL701 Linguistics for Language Teaching
TSL702 Learning an Additional Language
Co-req: TSL700
TSL704 TESOL Curriculum Development
Co-req: TSL700

Second trimester

TSL713 Research Methods of TESOL
TSL705 Language Testing and Assessment
Pre-req: TSL701

Third trimester

  TSL714 Research Project*
Pre-req: 8 completed subjects INCLUDING
TSL713 Research Methods of TESOL
Last trimester only

Note 1:
TSL714 Research Project is a double weighted subject – it replaces 2 normal subjects, and is timetabled for a double lecture and a double tutorial. Students must enrol in both lecture and tutorial in the timetable. Due to the nature of the subject the lecture and tutorial will be on different days.

Note 2:
Students will be required to complete an assessed practicum component included as part of a core subject (TSL704 TESOL Curriculum Development) and again as an elective subject (TSL712 English for Academic and Specific Purposes)

The practicum includes 15 hours of observation and collaboration with an assigned teacher/facilitator and 6 hours teaching inclusive of a 1 hour assessed teaching placement in an English Language Centre. Students are required to attend these specified hours at the English Language Centre in addition to their scheduled class hours at KOI. Students do not receive any payment for their teaching in the English Language Centre. These extra hours required to be undertaken by students would come into effect during the trimester when the subjects incorporating the practicum component are studied.

* May be replaced with TSL708 Internship (subject to approval from the CEO and Dean only) (pre-requisite 8 completed subjects)

Electives –  may only be chosen in trimesters 2 or 3 – pre-requisites shown in brackets

TESOL Electives (Subject to availability)
TSL703 Phonology and the Teaching of Pronunciation (no pre-requisites)
TSL706 New Technologies and New Literacies in Language Teaching (no pre-requisites)
TSL707 Leading and Managing Learning Organisations (no pre-requisites)
TSL709 Literature and Language Teaching (TSL704 TESOL Curriculum Development)
TSL710 Discourse Analysis for Language Teaching (TSL701 Linguistics for Language Teaching)
TSL711 Intercultural Communication (TSL700 Language Teaching Methodologies)
TSL712 English for Academic and Specific Purposes (TSL704 TESOL Curriculum Development)

Management Elective
MGT702 Human Resource Management (no pre-requisites)

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