TSL717 Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching in a TESOL Classroom


Grad Dip TESOL Elective
MA TESOL Elective

This elective subject aims to provide students with effective skills in the use and evaluation of educational technologies within the TESOL classroom. The course readings aim to introduce students to a range of up- to-date theories, methodologies and studies in the area of computer-assisted language learning (CALL).

The learning outcomes of TSL717 were developed in line with the current evidence-base for upskilling beginning teachers in CALL and teaching. Students will reflect on their confidence levels and experiences with the use of technology in the TESOL classroom. They will collaborate weekly to evaluate a range of apps demonstrated in the lectures and tutorials according to a defined set of criteria developed from a range of seminal researchers in the CALL discipline. Finally, students will consolidate their knowledge and understanding of CALL methodology by developing a CALL task designed for classroom use.

To encourage effective development and assessment of the KOI Master’s Degree attributes of communication and leadership and strategy, students will be required to create their own group charter with values and mission statements and take part in weekly peer and self-assessment of contributions to group work.