TSL714 Research Project (double subject weight)



(Note: this subject replaces TSL714 Research Project (4 credit points plus one (1) elective).

The subject is offered only on approval from the CEO & Dean.

This subject is one of the two alternate capstone subjects for the course and provides experience and supervision in a significant research project. This subject focuses on both the conceptual and operational aspects of doing research and evaluating existing research in TESOL. Students will usually implement the research proposed in their Research Proposal from TSL713 Research Methods of TESOL. Students will design, trial and implement data collection, analyse findings and document their findings in a written thesis and a presentation at a professional seminar.
Students will work in conjunction with their supervisor, becoming more deeply involved in the stages of the research process related. The emphasis of this subject is on the application of research knowledge gained in other subjects as well as the skills developed in this subject, culminating in presentations at a seminar of their peers and academic staff.
As a double weighted subject, it provides students with the opportunity to carry out a more substantial and comprehensive research activity than the single weighted research project subject. Students may choose to develop a new research proposal rather than continuing with the one they developed in TSL713. In that case, the work will begin with designing the project, considering applicable ethical dimensions and preparing the research proposal. Once the proposal is approved, they become more deeply involved in the stages of the research process related to a critical review of the literature, development of the data collection method, collection of the data, analysis of the findings, and determination of conclusions.


Eight completed TESOL subjects including TSL713 Research Methods of TESOL

Subject Outlines