Courses and Degrees

The Bachelor of Business (Management and Finance) degree offered by the King’s Own Institute (KOI) will equip you to succeed in a rapidly changing and challenging global market with skills and competencies that will give you a competitive edge. The Bachelor of Business is a creative degree that has been designed to ensure you will be one of Australia’s most employable graduates. This degree provides a solid foundation in business practices, problems, and strategies. From your first day at the KOI, you will gain an understanding ofbusiness essentials and begin building a portfolio that demonstrates your skills to future employers.

From analytical thinking to innovative approaches to problem solving, we offer you a wide range of study areas in Management, Accounting, Economics, and Finance. Become a creative thinker who is prepared to enter an ever-changing business environment and solve business organisation related problems with innovative approaches and tools.

Take the first step in your higher education at the KOI and open the path to future opportunities in Australia and globally.

  • Graduate Certificate in Business

    The Graduate Certificate in Business is intended to provide students with foundational business skills. Students study four subjects from a choice of six covering introductions to Accounting, Business Law, Economics, Statistics, Organisations and Organisational Behaviour and Professional Communication.

    • The course is intended as an entry point and pathway to other postgraduate degrees.
    • It is particularly useful for prospective students who do not have an undergraduate degree in business or a related discipline.
  • Graduate Diploma of Business

    The Graduate Diploma of Business is a professional graduate course which provides opportunities for applicants holding a degree in any discipline to gain broadly-based knowledge and practical skills in management at an advanced level.

    The Graduate Diploma provides expert insights into the core concepts and practices of business. It also develops the skills for leadership and business administration and self-directed learning, and provides opportunities for applying this knowledge to business problems and for exercising initiative in typical management roles.

  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

    The Bachelor of Business (Accounting) offers a broad understanding of the concepts and practices of accounting, supported by related areas in finance, law, economics, marketing, information systems, management and statistics.

    The course focuses on preparing students for accounting careers in the modern business environment, specifically preparing students for management roles in the accounting industry.

    The course requires students to study a total of 24 subjects over 6 trimesters. It contains 20 core subjects and 4 electives providing students with an in-depth understanding of accountancy practices, and an appreciation of other business related disciplines. In addition to the solid core of accounting subjects, including legislation related to accounting practices and an appreciation of ethical practice, students can also study a selection of related business, management and finance subjects designed to provide broad understanding of the total challenges faced by accountants and their clients.

  • Bachelor of Business (Management and Finance)

    The Bachelor of Business (Management & Finance) offers a broad understanding of the concepts and practices of management and finance, combined with a sound knowledge of the functional areas of business.

    The program focuses on preparing managers for challenging roles in the global environment, with a particular focus on preparing students for management roles in the banking and finance, financial services and other business areas.

    The course requires students to study a total of 24 subjects over 6 trimesters. It contains 17 core subjects and 7 electives allowing students more flexibility in tailoring their course to their specific area of interest for future career aspirations.