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IT enquiries and Frequently Asked Questions

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Stay Smart Online (https://www.staysmartonline.gov.au/) provides simple, easy to understand advice on how to protect yourself online as well as up-to-date information on the latest online threat and how to respond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Computers

Available Computers

Students may make use of the computers in the library at Kent campus and the computers in the computer bay at Market campus

Workstations at Kent campus have necessary applications you may need such as Microsoft office 2010, MYOB and Mikes Bikes (Business Project).

What is my username and password?

Your username is the same as your student ID number (8 digit number). Your default password is your date of birth [DDMMYYYY].

Campus Printers

What is a release station and how do I use it?

When you print documents, our print server will hold your job until it is finally released. In order to finish your printing job, you need to go to the release station near the printer. Once you log in and print, your documents will be printed at the nearest printer. Your printing job on the server will be held for an hour until you print out, and can be printed out from any release stations in the campus.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on How to use Print Release Station

How do I print documents from my own laptop?

Before you read the instructions below, your laptop needs to be connected to the KOI Student WiFi.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on How to Print from Your Device

How do I copy documents with a photocopier?

Click here for step-by-step instructions on How to Photocopy Documents

My default printing balance is under $9

If you photocopied more than your balance, your weekly free balance will be reduced. Please contact IT department to fix it.

When I try to print, there is a message saying “Denied Printing”

If you made a partial payment for this trimester, you will not be able to print and make a photocopy. However, you can use the computer and WiFi on campus. We provide free printing and photocopying only to students who have made full payment.

KOI Email Services

What is my email address?

Your email address is [Your Student ID]@students.koi.edu.au and your default password is your date of birth [DDMMYYYY](only numbers). You need to login via Gmail login system (http://mail.google.com)

  • All students must use their KOI student email address when contacting any KOI staff as well as checking it on a regular basis.

I forgot my password

Click here for instructions to set up a phone number for password recovery in case of forgotten email password. If you forgot your password and have not set up a recovery phone number yet, please come to IT department with your student ID.

Campus Wireless Network

How do I connect to KOI student WiFi?

When you are in campus, Please find “KOISTUDENT” WiFi equipment.

Once you connect to this network, you will see the login screen on the web browser if you go to any webpage.












I am a new student, when will I be able to access my Moodle account?

New students enrolled before the start of the trimester can access Moodle from Monday, Week 1.

New students enrolled after the start of trimester can access Moodle 24 hours after enrolment, or within the next business day.

How do I access Moodle?

You can access Moodle through the main KOI website, by going to the current students tab and selecting E-Learning from the drop down menu or just going to moodle.koi.edu.au.

Your username is your Student ID number (An 8 digit number). The first time that you log in to moodle your password is set to your date of birth set out as ddmmyyyy. After your first log in moodle will prompt you to change your password. This will change your password for moodle only.

Your new password needs to be at least eight characters long, contain one capital letter, one lower case letter and one number.

Can I change my password while logged into moodle?

You should be able to change your password while you are logged into moodle. To do so just:

  1. Click on the picture profile
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Click on ‘Change Password’
  4. Enter a new password and save

I forgot my new moodle password, how do I reset it?

If you have forgotten your moodle password go to the main log in page. Underneath where you usually log in there should be a link that says Forgotten your username or password? Click this link.

Once you have clicked on this put in your username (Student ID number) or type in your KOI student email address in the appropriate boxes. An email should be sent to your student email account, for information on accessing the student email account check the above tab labelled “KOI Email Services”.

I reset my moodle password, but still haven’t received an email yet?

The reset information for your moodle password is sent to your student email account, for information on accessing the student email account check the above tab labelled “KOI Email Services”. It may take up to at least 15 minutes for the email to arrive.

How do I access Moodle on the Moodle App?

There is a Moodle app available that students can use on their iPhone, iPad or Android device. Apps are available in Google Play and also Apple Store. You can install the app directly from your Mobile device – search for “Moodle Mobile” the author/owner must be “Moodle Pty Ltd”

Upon opening the app student will be asked to provide the URL for KOI’s Moodle. The address to input is: http://moodle.koi.edu.au/moodle

Then just sign in with your username and password.

Where can I find information about the textbooks for my course?

There is a textbook list on the side of the screen with information about the textbook for each subject. You just need to search for your subject. It gives you information about the textbook as well as the retail prices and the KOI price, along with other general information about the book such as Title, Author and whether ebook copies for the books are available.

How can I contact my lecturers or tutors?

All teachers’ emails are listed in the Teachers’ Contact List link that is found under the Frequently Asked Questions heading on the homepage in Moodle. It is made available for students to be able to find and contact the teachers for their subjects. It is recommended to use your KOI student email address when emailing teachers.

Where can I find links to ejournals?

EBSCO is an ejournal database located on the right hand side of the Moodle page in the Resources block with ProQuest eBooks and KOI’s Library Catalogue. Links to these resources can also be found in the Student Information Centre. Students need to be logged in to Moodle to access the database.

How do I find my courses and course notes?

There are direct links to your course at the bottom of the homepage, under the KOI News and announcements section. You can also access them from the left hand side of the screen in the Navigation block by clicking the ‘Dashboard’ link.

Course notes, provided by your lecturer, are found under your courses in Moodle. Just click on your course to find the notes that your lecturer has put up. Different courses have different set paces for the rate at which the notes are made available to students.

How do I print my course notes?

Printing your course notes requires you to download your course notes from Moodle. You need to save these files to the computer. You then need to send the document to the print release station to release you print job from there.

What do I do if the subjects shown in my Moodle courses are incorrect?

If you find that your subjects shown in Moodle are incorrect, go to the Moodle Help Desk block on the right hand side of the Moodle homepage. There is a link there to a Moodle E-learning Update form. Students need to fill in this form and send it to the library email address that is included in the Moodle Help Desk block. These forms are also available from the library.

Where can I find Assignment coversheets?

Printable copies of the Assignment coversheets can be found on Moodle in the Assignment Coversheet block which is on the right hand side of the screen. Students can also obtain copies which have already been printed from the library counter.

How do I find the Assignment link?

koi_moodle_assignment_linkWhen trying to locate the Turnitin Assignment link in Moodle, students should look for the turnitin symbol, shown to the left.

How do I submit assignments in Turnitin?

Students can look at the Student User Manual found in the Turnitin Moodle Assignment block on the right hand side of the KOI Moodle homepage for advice on submitting assignments in Turnitin.

When submitting an assignment, students need to click on the link to their assignment and then go to the ‘My Submissions’ tab. From here they can upload their assignments. Students need to remember to read and tick the declaration box before their submission goes through and make sure that they have uploaded the correct file before they submit their assignment.

Why can’t I get my assignment to upload?

Students need to make sure that the document that they are submitting is one of the accepted document types in the Student User Manual. Also document files that are larger than 5MB will not be able to be uploaded.

Can I resubmit my assignment to Turnitin?

Yes, students can resubmit their assignments into Turnitin as many times as they like up until the due date. However, if a student wishes to resubmit an assignment after the due date, they will need to contact their lecturer to have the original assignment removed so that they can resubmit. Before this resubmissions are not limited.

Where can I find information about referencing for assignments?

Information about referencing for assignments can be found in the Student Information Centre. The Student Information Centre is a Moodle course that all students are enrolled in. It also provides students with information that could prove valuable to their studies such as helpful links to dictionaries, other resources and printing information.

Student Portal

What is my ID and password?

Your ID is your student ID (an 8 digit number). Your password is your date of birth [DDMMYYYY] (13th May 1990 -> 13051990).

I forgot my Password.

Students can reset their password for the student portal any time, by clicking “Forget password.

A temporary password will be delivered to your KOI Student email given at time of enrolment.


How to find my timetable.

To find your personal timetable, login into the student portal  and click the “Academics” menu on the left hand side of the page then go to “my timetable”. A copy of your timetable should appear, to print your timetable, click “Print Timetable” button then pdf file will be saved in the Download folder.

How to check my grade

Login into Student Portal (students.koi.edu.au)

  1. left hand side of the page, Click Grade 
  2. Click Course name from Course list
  3. You should be able to see your grades on the bottom.


I cannot see my Grade. What should I do?

  1. Please check release date of Final Grade
  2. Please check your outstanding balance ( if there is outstanding balance you could not access to Grade menu with error message)
  3. Please check whether you have clicked Course name on Grade page (please refer to the guide “How to check my grade”)

If you still have problems,  please send a request email to result@koi.edu.au

Can I see my actual marks on this website?

Unfortunately we only release final grades without marks. If you wish to clarify your marks please see the respective lecturer.

Office 365 Education for students

Students are eligible for Office 365 Education, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote for free


1. Create Office 365 account

1. Go to Microsoft Office in Education website:


or Type this URL: www.office.com/GetOffice365 on your browser.

2. Enter your KOI students Email (ex> 111001111@students.koi.edu.au).

If you want to know more details about student email service, please go to  KOI email services in FAQ IT support page.


3. Click on “Get started” if you’re Eligible.

4. Click “I’m a student”.

5. Fill your details to create your account.

6. For the Verification code, Sign in your student email ([YourStudentID]@students.koi.edu.au) and open email sent from office 365.

7. Go back to the Create your account page.

Fill your Verification code and click “Start on the bottom of the page.

8. On the invitation page, Click “Skip on the bottom.

9. Click “Next“.

Click “re-enter my password“.


Type your password created and click “Sign in“.

‼ If an error page is displayed, refresh your browser (by pushing F5 key on the keyboard) and sign in again with your password just created.

10. Add your password recovery detail.  Phone and/or email(not school email) are required.

You must use your own Australian Mobile number and  personal Email(non-KOI email address)  for the recovery.

To configure Authentication Phone detail,
Click “Set it up now

Select  Country code Australia(+61)

If you are not in Australia, you are not able to recover password with Mobile phone

Enter your Australian mobile number and Click “text me” or “call me”.

You may receive your verification code from Microsoft via an sms or a call.

Type your code and click “verify”.

Authentication Phone is set.

Now click “Set it up now” for Authentication email detail.

Type your personal Email(non-KOI email address)  and click “email me”.

Check your personal email and type verification code received  and click “verify”.

If you verified your email and phone number successfully, click “finish“.

‼  After you click ‘finish’, your browser will automatically redirected to the office 365 Education page.


Now you are ready to use office 365.

2. Where do I sign in?

Sign in at: www.office.com/signin



3. Office 365 service for KOI students (First page)

1. Online Office365 web app

If you click on the app icons (word, power point, excel, onenote, etc.) on the main page,
you can use applications in your browser. (Internet connection is required)

2. Install Office on your PC

Click “Install Office” to install MS Office on you PC or Mac .
Then follow the instructions on the screen.

For more information about office 365, Please refer to the page:



3. How to check and manage licenses

Students are allowed to install office on up to 5 devices. To manage the license allowed, go to “My Account” – “install status” menu or go to following page:



4. Recover forgotten Password

!!  Password reset can be done by students without contacting the administrator.

There are two ways to access  forgot my password page for the password reset.

  1. If you entered wrong password in sign in page (www.office.com/signin), you may see
    Forgot my password” or “Sign in with another account” Click one of links to access password recovery page.

2. Enter your KOI email address in “User ID” field and enter the characters in the picture correctly into the verification field.

Then click “Next“.

3. Select one of option (email, text or call) and click “Next

4. Enter the verification code received and click “Next”.

5. Enter your new password in both “Enter new password” and “confirm new password field”.

Then click “Finish“.

6. Your password has been reset now.

Go back to sign in page.

Sign in at: www.office.com/signin

You may sign in with your new password.

MS Software Download for IT students

IT students are eligible to download MS software for study

Prerequisite : 

Students need to create MS login account with koi email prior to using this website.

Please refer to “Office 365 Education for students” in FAQ-IT support

Once students made an account for Office 365 with their koi e-mail, students can use the same account to download other MS software at Microsoft Azure.

Follow the steps below:

1. Go to https://azureforeducation.microsoft.com/devtools

2. Click “Sign in”

3. Sign in with koi email

4. Now students can use Microsoft Azure Dev Tools

Students need to create MS login account with koi email prior to using this website.

Please refer to “Office 365 Education for students” in FAQ-IT support

Google Apps for students

KOI students are able to use Google Apps for Free with KOI student Email account

Google Apps is a set of web applications provided by Google. These web applications include Google Email, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Talk (Chat), Google Mobile and Google Sites. All of these web applications offer an online alternative to traditional office suites.

1. How to sign in to my Google Apps

1. Open browser and go to gmail.com



2. Enter your student email and password



!! What is my student email account?

Your student email account is [Your Student ID]@students.koi.edu.au and your default password is your date of birth [DDMMYYYY](only numbers).

!! I forgot my password

If you forgot your password and have not set up a recovery phone number yet, please come to IT department with your student ID.


3. Click  g_3   icon




4. Click apps




For more details about how to use apps, please visit G suite learning center



Other IT Software Download (OnTheHub)

 *Registration e-mail will be sent to KOI students email for IT students after the census date

1. Check your KOI Student Email 

1) Login via Gmail login system (www.gmail.com)

2) Your email address is [Your StudentID]@students.koi.edu.au and your default password is your date of birth [DDMMYYYY] (only numbers).

3) Search your Inbox for a subject An account has been created for you” and open it.

4) Click the “Click here to complete your registration” text from the email as shown in the image below:


2. Complete account registration for OnTheHub Webstore

1) Fill in the blanks to complete your registration


3. Download software

1) After you complete the registration, then you are now able to download software at no charge or discounted prices.

2) Check the price of software you selected. Then click “Add to Cart”


3) Click “Check Out” to make the payment and download the software. (Free software does not require any payment)


IT Enquiry Form






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