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Student Testimonials


Nikolina Gjerovska

Starting a career in Accounting at KOI it is a great experience so many challenges and hard work, with help that KOI provided that lead me to become a CPA Ambassador for KOI.
By attending a presentation held by CPA at KOI I learned about what accounting benefit would be in life and what a great opportunity to be part of CPA

Liselotte Johansson

I wanted to apply for the CPA Student Ambassador role to start my accounting career journey here in Australia, to become more familiar with the accounting industry and to network while assisting CPA and supporting students at KOI with information about CPA.
I got this opportunity by attending a CPA information Session. March 2017 at KOI where Kim Hwang FCPA, International Relationship Manager of CPA Australia stated that they were looking for CPA Student Ambassadors for KOI.
Therefore I sent her my application which resulted in a successful interview. I’m happy to be a CPA Student Ambassador and looking forward to assisting CPA and KOI students in many various ways during my time as a student at KOI!


Catalina SantaCatalina Santa

I am Catalina Santa from KOI. I am a graduate of Business Accounting from KOI. Back in June 2014 when I finished my last term at KOI I got the opportunity to start working for Australia Study Care, which is one of the leading companies in the education sector for international students in Australia. I got the position as an Accountant Officer. I really want to tell you that I am still there and it is an amazing experience. I have not only put in place all the knowledge I got from my lecturers, classes and friends at KOI but also I had the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

I am very pleased to say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH KOI, because you gave me the best opportunity to be a competent and ethical professional willing to contribute positively to the economy of this country.



NishantNishant - Copy

I am Nishant and I studied a Bachelor of Business in Accounting. After graduating in June 2013, I went through an accounting internship. Two months later, I was employed as an Inventory Analyst at Aryzta Pty Limited. I was later promoted to second in charge to the Cost Accountant and Relief Assistant Accountant for Food Solutions. Currently I am working at an accounting firm in Bondi Junction after my tenure at Aryzta. My position involves business advisory, taxation and financial reporting for corporate clientele. I performed in forensic services and auditing as well. I am also an associate member with CPA.

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