• What is the KOI Counselling Service?

    The Counselling Service provided by King’s Own Institute is a confidential, free counselling service provided to any KOI student who is seeking additional support. Students can choose to access these services when they require them, or they may be referred by other members of staff who have identified some risk factors within the student’s life.

  • What is counselling?

    Counselling can provide a supportive environment in which to explore new ideas and address any thoughts, emotions or behaviours that are causing distress.

    Counselling can also assist students by providing skills for common concerns affecting them, including time-management, reducing stress and managing feelings of homesickness.

    The aim of Counselling is to improve mental health, which it does in a number of ways; by providing treatment for mental health problems, celebrating a person’s strengths, and providing new tools with which to deal with challenges.

  • What can counselling help with?
    • Transitioning to university: from school, the workforce or from another. geographical region, a different culture or a different first language
    • Relationship difficulties: with family members, flat mates, study group members, assessment team members, friends, and colleagues.
    • Family issues involving: Parents, Partners, children, parenting, being a ‘carer’, relationship separation and divorce, homesickness, financial complications, sexual difficulties, alcohol or drug use by a family member, impact of gambling, impact of mental ill health on family
    • Challenging life experiences: Trauma, sexual abuse, violent assault, unwanted pregnancy, serious health problems
    • Lack of confidence: Worried about failing, never being good enough, feeling judged
    • Depression/Anxiety/Stress/Psychological Distress: Panic, Feeling overwhelmed, feeling isolated, lonely, empty, tearful, unloved, suicidal feelings/plans, self-harm behaviour, frightened by the strength of emotional reactions, frustration and anger
    • Repeated destructive behaviour: Binge eating, self-harming, abusive relationships, overusing alcohol or drugs, addictive behaviours
    • Exam and study stress: Perfectionism and procrastination, Feeling overwhelmed academically, time and task management, exam and performance anxiety, underperformance
    • Bereavement: Loss, anger, loneliness, sadness & depression.

    One of the great things about counselling is that it is an adaptive service, and can provide help for a wide range of circumstances.

  • Does seeing a counsellor mean I have a mental illness?

    No, seeing a counsellor doesn’t mean you have a mental illness. However, there are some symptoms that do call for additional medical assessment. If such symptoms are identified the counsellor will ensure that you have appropriate information, referral to appropriate practitioners and follow-up support.

  • Will the counsellor give me advice?

    The purpose of counselling is to help you make your own decisions and for you to learn to be a wise guide for your own actions.

    The counsellor will work with you respecting your values, choices and lifestyle, and assist you work towards the choices or changes that fit for you and your circumstances.

  • Is counselling confidential?

    Counsellors work to a strict code of ethics which means they must inform you of the limits of confidentiality and then stick to these rules.

    However, if you are worried about the implications of any breach of confidentiality you may wish to:

    • Speak to a counsellor in general terms first in order to see how the privacy and confidentiality requirements may apply to your particular situation.
    • Seek anonymous help through a telephone line.
  • When is the service available?

    The KOI Counselling Service is Monday – Friday, 9 am-5 pm, with appointments available by request. If you require an appointment outside of the listed hours, please feel free to contact the counselling service. Some flexibility is possible within KOI campus opening hours.

  • How do I book an appointment?

    The counselling team is able to be contacted for bookings via the counselling email address, [email protected] Once your email is received, a member of the team will endeavour to provide a response within 24hrs.

    Alternatively, you are able to book an appointment in person or on the phone via reception at Market or O’Connell St campuses.

  • What different emergency and support services are available?

    For a list of emergency and support information please click here.